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Cambridge Remodeling
Staten Island, New York
1 Week
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Home Remodeling
Rustic Elegance

In the serene suburbs of Staten Island, NY, a home underwent a remarkable home improvements at the hands of Cambridge Remodeling. This woodwork radiates their expertise in blending rustic elements with modern home remodeling. The goal was to deliver a custom home remodeling that that felt both organic and luxurious, a retreat that would increase the property’s value and provide an blissful setting for relaxation and entertainment.

Design in Details

This home improvements project’s one of the majestic was this ceiling work. One of the best renvation company in Staten Island, NY – Cambridge Remodeling has used natural wooden beams arcs in this space. Robust presence of the woods are reminiscent of the traditional craftsmanship found in a countryside lodge. This little home additions of wooden framework not only adds a layer of rustic look but also instills a feeling of luxury and classyness within the home.

Cambridge Remodeling’s master designers selected luxurious deep red curtains draping elegantly, held back by decorated tassels that contribute a sophisticated style. These curtains frame the outdoor view and creates a seamless transition between the indoor comfort and outside looks of the poolside. The seating area is adorned with cushions featuring vibrant floral patterns, inviting relaxation and providing a cozy nook for residents and guests alike.

Barbecue and bar area were placed at a strategic angle that ensures every pool party is remembered with the people vividly. This design decision reflects a thoughtful approach to home improvements and remodeling, where every element serves a purpose and enhances the overall feeling of the home. Textures and colors were chosen with extensive care so that it integrates seamlessly with the home owners taste and vision of him dream house.

Incredible Result

Cambridge Remodeling’s home renovation services are tailored to bring the vision of any homeowners to life. This home improvements project in question is an example of how dedicated the cambridge remodeling’s designers are and their mastery of woodwork. This place compliments all the other home additions of the owners home.

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