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Cambridge Remodeling
Staten Island, New York
3 Days
project type:
Landscape Remodeling

In the heart of Staten Island, NY, a quaint residence stood with untapped potential in its outdoor space. The entryway, once an overgrown and neglected area, needed a transformation to match the vibrant spirit of the neighborhood. Cambridge Remodeling’s experienced contractors, with years of experience in gardening and landscaping , front yard landscaping, driveway designs and all natural landscape design took upon this taks and created this simple yet elegant entryway.

Design in Details

Design was a simplistic one, keeping in mind the accessibility of the pathway and greenery on the side. Cambridge remodeling’s experienced designer and construction workers completed their work perfectly according to the design that the owner has envisioned. 

Incredible Result

All the design and construction works created a serene yet simple pathway in front of the house. This definitely upgrades the dweller’s well being. Landscape remodeling projects are done for creating mindful space and this project did it successfully.

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