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Cambridge Remodeling surpasses expectations with troubleshooting and design-build expertise. Elevate your home's form and function through our kitchen, bathroom, and complete home improvement services. Our skilled team transforms spaces, blending aesthetics and practicality seamlessly.

Expert with 15+ years in diverse fields.

With over a decade in the industry, Cambridge Remodeling stands as a beacon of knowledge and skill in home renovations and remodeling. Our journey has refined our abilities, deepened our knowledge, and perfected our craft, allowing us to turn your dreams into reality with unparalleled quality.

Licensed and Insured

Cambridge Remodeling is a remodeling contractor with full licensing, bonding, and insurance for your new home, bathroom or kitchen construction. With a commitment to safety and excellence, we make your dream project a reality. Trust in our care for your satisfaction and choose Cambridge Remodeling for dependable, quality work.

Power of Transformation

We can transform your space through well-executed remodeling ideas that reflect our attention to detail and passion for creating exceptional environments. Let us exceed your expectations and inspire you with our expertise. Transform your space with us, whether its interior remodeling, basement remodeling, roofing or any home improvement projects.

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Bringing Your Dream Home to Life with Passion and Precision

At Cambridge Remodeling, our philosophy is rooted in a deep-seated commitment to turning visions into realities with 100% customer satisfaction. We strive to resonate this through every home construction project, every interaction, and every finished spaces.

  • Innovation at Heart: Embracing cutting-edge design trends and technologies to deliver evergreen home remodels.
  • Craftsmanship of the Highest Order: Committing to impeccable quality through each fixture, drywall installation, carpentry work and throughout the design and build process.
  • Customer-centric Approach: Using every home owners dream as our blueprint, we ensure an engaging, fulfilling remodeling journey.
  • Sustainability in Practice: Prioritizing environmentally-responsible practices, solutions, and materials for sustainable living.

Meet the passionate team at Cambridge Remodeling, where innovation meets craftsmanship. Our dedicated professionals are committed to transforming your space, ensuring every home remodel and renovation reflects our unwavering dedication to quality and excellence.

  • Skilled Remodelers: Our team of experienced remodelers and renovation experts are masters of their craft, ensuring every kitchen remodel and bathroom transformation is executed with precision and care.
  • Dedication to Quality: From initial remodeling design to the final build, our team is committed to incorporating the latest design trends and construction techniques, ensuring your home is both stylish and functional
  • Collaborative Spirit: We prioritize customer satisfaction. Our team members work closely with you, turning your home improvement dreams into reality
  • Pride in Our Work: We take great pride in our work, striving to exceed client expectations and deliver spaces that are not only beautiful but also enhance the quality of living.

Over the years, we have navigated through challenges and celebrated numerous successes, all while staying true to our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Our history is a testament to our resilience, expertise, and unwavering dedication to bringing homeowners' dreams to life.

  • Founded with a Vision: Our journey began with a clear vision to revolutionize the remodeling industry, setting new standards for quality and design.
  • Decades of Expertise: With decades of experience under our belt, we have mastered the art of transforming spaces, leaving a trail of satisfied homeowners and stunning transformations.
  • Innovation and Growth: Throughout our history, we have consistently embraced innovation, adopting new technologies and design trends to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Building Relationships: More than just remodelers, we have built lasting relationships with our clients, suppliers, and the community, establishing ourselves as a trusted and reputable name in the industry.

Create Your Dream Home with Cambridge Remodeling!

Picture your dream home, tailored just for you. Our skilled remodelers and home renovation experts are ready to bring this vision to life. Start a conversation with us today for a personalized consultation, and begin the journey to your dream home, featuring stylish kitchen and bath remodels, modern design trends, and exceptional craftsmanship.


Lifestyle Improvement

93% of home owners felt happier after finishing home renovations



76% of American home owners did a home improvement project in 2020



The average value of your home increased by a typical remodeling project.



Percentage of Homes built in USA around 1900 – 1945 which are in need of home improvements

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What People Say

10/10 the owner is very responsive and knows exactly what must be done in order to accomplish the goal of the client. Every morning I woke up to him and his team already multiple hours into work. Our backyard was not leveled... More
Kerem Sica
I used Cambridge construction to renovate several rooms in an older property my family purchased. Not only did they give me the best price for the job, they we courteous, professional and quick. The workers were always at the house at the... More
Kristy Migliaccio
This Google review is in response to MrFigCat since MY HOME is referenced in his review. Respectfully sir, you are not my neighbor, your son is. Secondly, the above mentioned contractor was not able to do his job since you physically laid... More
Hulya U.
Within the past four years I contracted with Cambridge at my residence both inside and outside. . With regards to one particular outside work project that evidenced quality of their work , specifically my drive way I was impressed... More
Enzo Cannizzo
Obsessed with my new driveway!!! Cambridge was efficient in returning my call and scheduling me for a free estimate. This guy is the real deal. Looking forward to getting some kitchen work done this spring:)... More
S. Sica
Finally I can enjoy my beautiful backyard after 3 years of searching for the best contractor. You did a quick and efficient job Thank you Sam !!!... More
cigdem artinal
Completed many projects on my house over the past 5 years. Beautiful, high quality work. Definitely recommend this company... More
Mona S
FAQ Essentials

Explore Our FAQ Knowledge

What are Remodelling services?

Remodeling services involve making significant changes to an existing space to improve its appearance, functionality, or layout. It may include modifying structures, replacing fixtures, updating finishes, and enhancing overall aesthetics to meet the client's needs and preferences.

Can you handle both residential and commercial remodeling projects?

Yes, Cambridge remodeling handle both residential and commercial remodeling projects. Cambridge Remodel’s team has the expertise and experience to work on a wide range of projects, including homes, offices, retail spaces, restaurants, and more.

How do you plan a remodel project?

Planning a remodel project involves several crucial steps:

  1. Initial consultation: We meet with the client to discuss their vision, requirements, and budget.
  2. Design and concept development: Our team creates detailed plans and conceptual drawings based on the client's input.
  3. Material selection: Cambridge Remodeling assist in choosing the appropriate materials, finishes, and fixtures for the project.
  4. Timeline and scheduling: Cambridge Remodeling develop a realistic timeline for the project and create a schedule for the various stages of remodeling.
  5. Permits and approvals: If necessary, we handle obtaining the required permits and approvals for the project.
How experienced is your team in the remodeling industry?

Our team has extensive experience in the remodeling industry. We have successfully completed numerous projects, ranging from small-scale renovations to large and complex remodeling endeavors. Our collective expertise enables us to deliver high-quality results and handle various challenges that may arise during the process.

What is the difference between renovation and remodeling?

The difference between renovation and remodeling lies in the scope of work:
Renovation typically involves restoring or repairing an existing space without making significant structural changes. It focuses on updating finishes, fixtures, and minor alterations to refresh the appearance.
Remodeling, on the other hand, involves more extensive changes, such as modifying the layout, adding or removing walls, or altering the structure to achieve a new design and functionality.

What services do you offer for remodeling projects?

We offer a comprehensive range of services for remodeling projects, including:

  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Basement finishing
  • Room additions
  • Whole-house remodeling
  • Commercial space remodeling
  • Interior and exterior remodeling
How do you manage unexpected changes in remodeling?

During the remodeling process, we prioritize effective communication with the client. If unexpected issues or changes arise, we promptly inform the client, discuss potential solutions, and make adjustments as needed while keeping their preferences and budget in mind. Our goal is to ensure transparency and client satisfaction throughout the project.

Are there any financing options available?

Yes, we understand that remodeling projects can represent a significant investment. We offer various financing options and can guide clients to explore suitable financing solutions based on their requirements and financial situation. This includes information on possible loans, payment plans, or other financing resources available for remodeling projects.