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Transform Your Outdoor Oasis with Cambridge Remodeling's Expert Landscaping Services

Welcome to Cambridge Remodeling, where we turn your landscaping dreams into stunning realities in Staten Island, NY. With our seasoned expertise in radiant floor heating and a passion for crafting beautiful outdoor spaces, we are the go-to landscaping contractors near you. Whether you’re looking for front yard landscaping in Staten Island or creative landscaping solutions for your backyard, our team is equipped to bring your vision to life.

Front Yard Landscaping: First Impressions Count

Make a statement with our front yard landscaping services. From low maintenance front yard landscaping to modern landscaping designs, we understand the importance of curb appeal. Let us transform your front yard into a welcoming masterpiece that reflects your personal style.

Backyard Landscaping: Your Personal Retreat

Our backyard landscaping services are all about creating a space where memories are made. Whether it’s a cozy fire pit area, a vibrant garden, or a serene water feature, we specialize in small yard landscaping and landscape renovations that maximize your outdoor living experience.

Commercial Landscaping Services: Elevate Your Business Appeal

For businesses in Staten Island, our commercial landscaping services offer a professional touch that enhances your property’s aesthetic and value. Trust us to deliver landscaping solutions that resonate with your brand and welcome your clients.

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Innovative Driveway Design: The Path to Elegance

A driveway is more than just a path; it’s an integral part of your home’s landscape. Our driveway design services combine functionality with style, ensuring a durable and attractive entrance to your home.

Landscape Remodeling: A Fresh New Look

Embark on a journey of transformation with our landscape remodeling services. Whether it’s a front of house landscaping makeover, patio landscaping, or adding a roof top garden design, we bring fresh ideas and innovative designs to the table.

Why Choose Cambridge Remodeling?

With years of experience in building construction and landscaping in Staten Island, Cambridge Remodeling stands out as one of the best landscapers near you. Our commitment to quality, creativity, and customer satisfaction makes us a preferred choice for all your landscaping needs.


Vision Planning

Personalized consultation to grasp your vision.


Custom Design

Crafting tailored landscape plans for you.



Expert execution for a stunning landscape.

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10/10 the owner is very responsive and knows exactly what must be done in order to accomplish the goal of the client. Every morning I woke up to him and his team... More
Kerem Sica
I used Cambridge construction to renovate several rooms in an older property my family purchased. Not only did they give me the best price for the job, they we... More
Kristy Migliaccio
This Google review is in response to MrFigCat since MY HOME is referenced in his review. Respectfully sir, you are not my neighbor, your son is. Secondly... More
Hulya U.
Within the past four years I contracted with Cambridge at my residence both inside and outside. . With regards to one particular outside work project... More
Enzo Cannizzo
Obsessed with my new driveway!!! Cambridge was efficient in returning my call and scheduling me for a free estimate. This guy is the real deal. Looking... More
S. Sica
Finally I can enjoy my beautiful backyard after 3 years of searching for the best contractor. You did a quick and efficient job Thank you Sam !!!... More
cigdem artinal
Completed many projects on my house over the past 5 years. Beautiful, high quality work. Definitely recommend this company... More
Mona S
FAQ Essentials

Explore Our FAQ Knowledge

What is Landscape Remodeling, and how does it differ from landscaping?

Landscape Remodeling refers to the process of redesigning and renovating an existing outdoor space to improve its overall aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability. It goes beyond regular landscaping, which involves routine maintenance and the addition of plants, trees, and hardscape elements to an outdoor area.

How can Landscape Remodeling enhance my outdoor space?

Landscape Remodeling can significantly enhance your outdoor space in various ways:

  • Creating a more inviting and attractive landscape design.
  • Improving outdoor living areas with features like patios, decks, or pergolas.
  • Adding new plantings, trees, and gardens to enhance beauty and biodiversity.
  • Incorporating sustainable and eco-friendly elements like rain gardens or native plants.
  • Enhancing functionality with features like pathways, lighting, and irrigation systems.
  • Increasing the value of your property and curb appeal.
How do I know if my landscape needs remodeling?

Your landscape may need remodeling if:

  • It looks outdated or lacks visual appeal.
  • It doesn't meet your current lifestyle and outdoor activity needs.
  • Certain areas are underutilized or neglected.
  • You desire more eco-friendly and sustainable landscaping practices.
  • You want to add new elements or features to the existing landscape.
How long does a landscape remodeling project typically take to complete?

The duration of a landscape remodeling project can vary depending on the scope and complexity of the design. Smaller projects may take a few weeks, while larger transformations could take several months. A qualified landscape remodeling contractor can provide a more accurate timeline during the planning phase.

Can you provide low maintenance front yard landscaping?

Absolutely, we offer low maintenance front yard landscaping options that are both beautiful and easy to care for.

How does driveway design integrate with overall landscaping?

Driveway design is crucial in landscape remodeling as it contributes to the first impression and complements the home's exterior and garden landscaping.

What should I look for in front yard landscaping contractors in Staten Island?

Look for experienced, creative, and reliable contractors who understand local climate and styles, much like Cambridge Remodeling.

How can I make my small backyard more appealing?

With small backyard landscaping, you can create a charming and functional space using elements like vertical gardens, multi-functional furniture, and strategic lighting.

Do you offer maintenance services after the landscape remodel is complete?

Yes, we offer landscape maintenance services to ensure your newly remodeled outdoor space stays in pristine condition. Our maintenance services can include lawn care, pruning, seasonal plantings, irrigation maintenance, and other routine tasks to preserve the beauty and health of your landscape.

How do you manage unexpected changes in remodeling?

During the remodeling process, we prioritize effective communication with the client. If unexpected issues or changes arise, we promptly inform the client, discuss potential solutions, and make adjustments as needed while keeping their preferences and budget in mind. Our goal is to ensure transparency and client satisfaction throughout the project.

Are there any financing options available?

Yes, we understand that remodeling projects can represent a significant investment. We offer various financing options and can guide clients to explore suitable financing solutions based on their requirements and financial situation. This includes information on possible loans, payment plans, or other financing resources available for remodeling projects.

How can I get started with my landscape remodeling project?

To get started with your landscape remodeling project, simply request a quote from our team and schedule a free consultation. Our expert team will guide you through the entire process and assist you with all aspects of the project.

Does landscape increase home value?

Yes, well-designed landscaping can significantly increase home value by enhancing curb appeal and outdoor functionality.

What are the trends in front yard landscaping in Staten Island?

Trends in Staten Island include natural landscape design, sustainable gardens, and front garden landscaping that complements the local climate and architecture.

How does landscape design add value to my home?

Good landscape design not only boosts curb appeal but also creates functional outdoor spaces, increasing the overall value of your property.

Is landscaping considered home improvement?

Yes, landscaping is considered home improvement as it enhances the aesthetic and functional aspects of your property.

What are the benefits of commercial landscaping services?

Commercial landscaping services enhance the aesthetic appeal of business premises, potentially increasing customer attraction and property value.