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Cambridge Remodeling
Staten Island, New York
2 Weeks
project type:
Patio Remodeling

Patio Landscaping, it’s the art of creating a sensational vibe around your patio lounge of the house. Transforming the space around your Patio into a beautiful and relaxing outdoor haven, to enjoy with the family and create memory, is called Patio Landscaping. We at Cambridge Remodeling are experienced in patio edging, stone patios, front yard patio, and all other landscaping around patio. This project in particular was a hard challenge in terms of design and space utilization. Our experienced contractors tackled the challenge quite remarkably.

Design in Details

This particular design was ideated by Cambridge remodeling company’s design architect. His plan was to use the texture of the patio as an element and build a royal, middle-western vibe around it. The owner’s taste was likely and they approved the design as soon as they heard it.

Incredible Result

The result of this patio landscaping project is this remarkable patio lounge, which will create great memories going forward for the family.

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